Latinos and education: Is it a lesson in coverage that journalists have yet to Learn?


The immigration reform coverage has brought a lot of spotlight to the Latino community.  As a Latina I often wonder are we being represented for all of our accomplishments or just for certain topics?

Monica Rhor a former educator says, “I actually believe there is an overemphasis on linking immigration coverage with the Latino community” Too often, immigration stories are viewed through a very narrow scope, giving the impression that all Latinos are immigrants and all immigrants are Latino.  Monica brings up a phenomenal point that immigration affects people of all races and ethnicity.  She suggests that journalists, should portray immigration issues from all angles and all communities – Asian, Irish, Canadian, Russian, African, Caribbean and Latino.

Maria Zamudio is an investigative reporter at Chicago Reporter magazine and she states  “Most of the immigration stories I see are about enforcement and deportation policies.”  

There are so many success stories about Latinos waiting to be covered and they aren’t.

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