Latino Health LATISM Twitter Party: A Recap Just Like The Doctor Ordered!


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When it comes to health and healthcare, every racial or ethnic group has specific concerns and issues, be it genetics, environmental factors, access to care, etc. For Latinos in particular, our distinctive culture plays such a strong role in our everyday life that it can’t possibly be left out of the health equation: a fact that Healthcare advocates have been preaching about for quite some time.

Last Thursday on our weekly LATISM chat, that seemingly trivial bit of information became more than evident as we gathered around the virtual table to talk about Latino attitudes and behaviors around health, specifically as it relates to botánicas and home remedies.  Never mind that some of these remedios sound like concoctions put together by Macbeth’s Wicked Witches: Extracto de Betarraga [say what?]… Ubre de Vaca [gross]… even Aceite de Culebra [eeeeeeeewwwwwww]… Fact is, we can’t live without them!

Lucky for us, our good Doctor José Luis Mosquera (@NewHealthDoc), Integrative Health Physician, Professor and Health Expert at Consumer Reports en español, was at hand to answer our questions about health and to guide us through the maze of remedios… a conversation that had, as we say in Spanish: ‘de todo como en botica‘!

We were also lucky enough to have some of our favorite bloggers join the party and share their own secretitos and blog posts about that exciting corner where health meets tradition. Find links to their posts at the bottom of the page, and give them some RT love!

Below, some of Dr. Mosquera’s best tips about combining the best of modern medicine with the traditional remedies we grew up to swear by. Then read the rest of the Latino Health Party Transcript for the full convo with hundreds of tips… You may want to keep this one: it’s just what the Doctor ordered 😉







    Anonymous 8 years ago

    Nice thanks for the opportunity.

    Rachel 8 years ago

    Great party!

    Ahorros Con Cupones 8 years ago

    A lot of great tips!! Thank you for the mention 

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