Tech Tuesday: Latina Brings Radio To Facebook

by guest Tech writer Jesse Luna (@jesseluna)

If you read last week’s Tech post by LATISM Founder Ana Roca-Castro, you heard the grim statistics on Latinos in technology startups. Although Latinos are underrepresented in tech, there are developers and budding entrepreneurs out there tinkering, toiling, and building the apps and businesses of the future.

Following Ana’s example, I reached out to my Twitter followers and asked “Latinos/as in Tech startups? Raise your hands!! #LATISM.”

That’s when I heard about LeaAnna Hernandez and her new Facebook application, MyMic.

The MyMic Facebook application lets you post audio updates to your Facebook profile or onto your friend’s Wall. You can post up to five seconds for free and there are paid options to post longer messages.

The application caught my eye because:
1. It is super easy to use. There’s a step-by-step MyMic tutorial on my blog if you have questions.
2. Your friends don’t have to install anything to listen to your messages.
3. My Facebook friends started asking about it once I posted my first message. I love attention.

I also liked the recent press release where LeaAnna says, “Sometimes we don’t want to be on camera. Maybe we’re having a bad hair day or the lighting isn’t the most flattering. With MyMic, none of that matters. Users, musicians, celebrities can easily record updates in their pajamas and no one would know the difference”.

I caught up with LeaAnna for an interview
JPL: Why did you select audio?

LH: I come from the radio industry…specializing in advertising. So i wanted to build an app that could marry radio with social. Businesses run commercials on radio stations. So I built the app for businesses to be able to run “social commercials” on Facebook.

JPL: I think I saw some stats that only one in a thousand YouTube users actually records and uploads a video. What do you think that ratio will look like for audio?

LH: I think that there are a lot of people that are camera shy and don’t want to be on camera. It literally is a production, having to get the right angle from the camera…nice lighting….good backdrop maybe.

With audio, it’s much easier and faster so I am inclined to think that it would be better but it’s still so new that only time will tell.

JPL: I tested the application and was able to post to my profile and to a friend’s Wall. Is there a way to post MyMic messages to the Facebook pages that I administer?

LH: In 2 weeks we are adding the feature to post recordings on Fan pages. I “like” your thinking.

JPL: Do you see businesses using MyMic the same way they use radio? Will they even start off using the same on air commercials?

LH: I think some brands will initially use their same radio ads. But others will get more creative.

For example, one advertiser I know is looking to create a promotion where they ask their friends to come up with a new slogan for the brand and record with MyMic. And they have an incentive attached to the promotion.

I’m looking forward to talking ot other Latinos/Latinas who are also doing innovative things with technology, bringing in talents from other industries, and helping to create a tech future. If you’re one of them, raise your hand and we’ll talk!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jesse Luna has been in the tech industry for the past 12 years doing Web development, marketing, and tech training. He is an active blogger and has created dozens of tech/social media tutorial videos. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA and Masters in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver. You can find more of his writings on tech at

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    clicklatina 9 years ago

    This is sooo cool. I will def check it out.

    cabezas 9 years ago

    Thanks, Elianne! Another great post. I’ll definitely check out the MyMic app.

    Ana Gonzales Lewis 9 years ago

    I am definitely going to download this baby and take it for a spin. Thank you!

    Alexgaribay27 9 years ago

    Just tried the app, it works great! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. I can also see how this will be a great tool for businesses. Great blog!

    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Wow Jesse, thank you so much for sharing MyMic! LeaAnna makes us super proud. Let’s help her promote the app. It really rocks

    Su cipto 7 years ago

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