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Today we would like to honor all the Latina Entrepreneurs who are making a difference in society and their families.  Those of you who have the privilege to know one understand how much it takes to keep up a business, to fight every day to stay up to date with the demands, to meet payroll, to make a sale and to network.  To often our entrepreneurs also have to raise a family and carry the entire load of raising kids and/or taking care of loved ones.

A common denominator among Latina Entrepreneurs is a lack of networking due to the fear of being perceived as a “show-off”.  How often do we see a fellow entrepreneur who has achieved 50% of what we’ve achieved and is talking about it on every corner of the world?  We are raised with a big sense of modesty and humility.  The “right” way is to wait for others to praise us and recognize our efforts.

The simple truth is that in today’s economy we must be more aggressive and more assertive.  We must not wait for someone else to give us the recognition.  It is our duty to give it to ourselves as well as to support each other.  For this very reason, I have created this Link chain.  If you are a Luchadora Entrepreneur and/or you know those Mujeres who deserve a shout out, please list her name and the company website here.

At the same time, I hope that it doesn’t stay on a link.  I really hope that before our readers hire their next service provider or buy a product, that you all come back to this list and hire one of these Luchadoras.  Please promote this list and let’s make it huge.  Let no Latina Entrepreneur be left out. Join us on Twitter from 9 to 10 to celebrate. Follow the #Latism Hashtag and enjoy the fun!




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