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One of the largest financial services in the world, have a Latina for senior vice president, Yasenia Morillo-Gual. On regular basis, she supervises six people and deals with about 150 people. Yasenia knows what Latinas struggle with because the Corporate America has often made her feel like she doesn’t belong. In 2010, Yasenia founded a networking called Proud to Be Latina, to help Latinas navigate thier career space with more confidence. For her Second Annual Latina Empowerment Conference, open to the public and taking place in New York City, she is expecting about 100 women from different filed to attend.

Yasenia, a Dominica-American says ” The overall goal is to help women realize that power isn’t so much about status, it’s about knowing yourself.”

The network Proud to Be Latina, holds monthly conference call that have speakers from different workfield, including teachers, entrepreneurs and bloggers. They talk about a specific topic and they discuss how to make it work for you. The good thing about this is that all the calls are FREE and about 85 to 90 people participate in the call.

Yasenia says, ” We sometimes just assume that it’s not going to happen, Asking has been phenomenal for me…I’ve become a catalyst to show others that just because you’re an assistant doesn’t mean you can’t do things.”




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