Latin Alternative Music Conference serenades NYC


The singer-songwriters Carla Morrison, left, and Julieta
Venegas, both Latin Grammy winners, performing as
part of the Latin Alternative Music Conference.

The 14th annual Latin Alternative Music Conference recently closed its 5-day run across three boroughs of New York City, leaving the Big Apple awash in Latino rhythms and salsa beats. The conference, which included about 1,250 registered participants and free concerts at multiple venues featured everything from hip-hop to electronica and traditional folk songs. There were panel discussions on the business of music as well as musical technique and most importantly, a stage for the world to see all the amazing things going on in other genres and countries.

Musical acts came from all over the world including bands and musicians from Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina, just to name a few. Audiences were treated to a variety of performances that spanned the rainbow and covered every genre and combination imaginable. Musicians got a chance to mix, mingle and share ideas and the public benefited from those collaborations. It is conferences like this, and LATISM5NYC  that open the eyes of those around us to the richness of Latino culture. And once a person’s eyes are open, understanding and acceptance can follow.

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Image by Michael Nagle for The New York Times.




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