Lango Disrupts Messaging App Industry by Offering Pop Culture Images for Mobile


langoLango to Roll out 8-10 Textable Icons Each Week Inspired by Current U.S. Trends and Gossip, First Messaging App to Offer More Than Standard ‘Emoticons’

SAN FRANCISCO—In the midst of messaging app mayhem, Lango today announced its efforts will remain focused on the U.S. audience and creating unique visual content based on current conversation, trends and gossip. Lango, a messaging app that lets users communicate with images instead of words, is setting itself apart from the competition by offering more than just standard emoticons.

As part of its ongoing effort to provide users with an endless flow of self-expression, Lango will be introducing 8-10 new icons a week. Each Thursday, Lango users can download a different #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) icon pack, which will include everything from retro cars to the characters of past popular Sitcoms like Friends. The messaging app will also offer textable icons based on celebrities’ babies this summer, and a Tribute to America pack for the Fourth of July holiday.

Major messaging app providers continue to snag users from social media giants like Facebook, luring them torwards their app by offering trendy social functions and features. While a few messaging apps have boasted quick growth and user numbers, Lango is the only messaging app that caters specifically to the U.S. audience. Instead of offering users content that is trapped in time, Lango lets users share trendy visuals specific to U.S. news and gossip.

“U.S. smartphone users are depending on messaging apps to communicate with their networks of friends, and are searching for the tools to truly add meaning to their conversations,” said Jen Grenz, VP of Content at Lango. “Just like social networks connect you to others in your network based on shared interests, Lango connects you by ‘shared images,’ iconic images that spark conversation about trends today, and let you reminisce about the past.”

As most messaging apps are coming out with grand claims of user numbers, it is through growth found outside the United States.  Lango is taking a unique stance on focusing exclusively on the U.S. audience and crafting an app ‘made for the U.S.’

“It comes as no surprise to us that the messaging app industry is exploding,” said Dr. Udi Graff, Lango’s Chairman & CEO. “When we introduced Lango in March of this year, it was becoming evident that free messaging platforms were in high demand—and that users were shifting towards more expressive ways to communicate. Now features like video-sharing, meme-creation and icon messaging are commonplace. We’re driving the next wave: using visual content to communicate about current events.”

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About Lango

Lango—formally Zlango—is the provider of a unique mobile app for visual messaging with dynamic content. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Lango’s lead investors are Benchmark and DAG. Lango operates as newspaper editorial—every day releasing fresh visuals that are dynamically updated via the app. Lango is redefining what it means to send a text-message and share images across social media channels. Its quirky and often humorous daily content provide users with the capability to create an endless flow of self-expression. Lango is available for both iPhone and Android.


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