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The call to action was made 3 months ago, within days we had over 100 champions who not only said Presente to the call but also volunteered their talents and resources to jumpstart this Innovation Revolución.  Google is making this possible with their unconditional support and Eliana Murillo who is a true Latina In Tech Innovation & Social Media.

Latino2 is finally here! And we are all in high gears to make this conference the beginning of a tech comunidad that shares resources, best practices, knowledge and kicks in the behind (yes, if a founder needs to change gears or improve the product).  In case you cannot come to Latino2 in NYC, don’t think that you’ve missed the opportunity.  We’re here to stay and we’ll be announcing a bunch of initiatives to keep the Innovation Revolución alive.  A huge thanks to Joanne Wilson who said a resounding Yes without a blink.  To David Rose who so genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge with Tech startups, to all the Investors and the Entrepreneurs who jumped on board during the weirdest hours of the night! Just to name our latest recruits Marcela Guaman, Regis Mejia, Alex Torrenegra, and Andres Barreto.  To all the oldies who are always there ready to help like Graciela Tiscareno, Jennifer Arguello and Sal Mendoza just to name a few.

Now we need the larger LATISM community to support Latino2.  Actually, we need all those who see the importance of closing the digital divide.  Not with bla bla bla, like I’ve seen lately, but with concrete actions.  Here are 15 roles that we need urgently:

Investors: We need your money! Not because we’re Latinos (pobrecitos!).  But because you make a conscious effort to look beyond the profiling and stereotype.  Because you become available to teach us the rules of the game.  Because you make it a point to open the doors to our founders to go and pitch or at least to seat on the pitches until we’re ready to make one.

Policy Makers: We need your knowledge! Help us understand who should be held accountable for the disproportionate allocation of funds.  What are the policies that we can help push to bring more justice to digital access, leadership positions in tech-no-landia and own a bigger piece of the innovation pie?

Educators: We need your trust! Please stop telling our kids that they’re not college material; that they’re good enough for vocational schools who will only steal their financial aid money.  Please dare to expose our young Latino(a)s to innovation early.  Please help us feed the pipeline.

Students: We need your ambition! Only you can help us find the fuerza to fight like there is no tomorrow.  Show us that you want to have a better future.  That you will not let  the media, the lying politicians, the corrupted leaders and the digital dividers steal your dreams and make you give up.

Activists: We need your big mouth! Help us demand justice from those who make false promises.  Help us identify with names and last names the organizations and corporations that must work to close the digital divide and increase more inclusion in innovation for minorities but are only milking the system like pendejos traidores.

Telecom Managers:  We need your shoulders! It is your responsibility to help us in this Revolucion.  Tell us exactly who is responsible for these efforts in your companies and let’s make it happen this time.

Writers: We need your words! Help us elaborate with the fancy words (and better English) the benefits of making innovation more inclusive.  Help us reach your audience, make our revolucion contagious with your persuasive writing.

Marketers: We need your megaphones! You have the capacity to reach masses.  Help us bring this message to the right ears.  Help us craft our message in a way that moves the hearts of the decision makers.

Economists: We need your strategy! Help us prove to society that it’s cheaper to invest in education and innovation than to keep entire communities of Latinos in jail.  We need you to crunch your numbers and make fancy charts and reports that support this initiative.

Media Professionals:  We need your ethics! Please, we beg you for the courage to portray positive images to our youth.  We need more entrepreneurs, more Latinos championing technology and business.  When you make your programs and news about successful innovators, make a conscious effort to include Latino(s).  At the same time, please have the decency to stop showing your stupid Man Hunting Fugitive crap shows that only feature Latinos.  In case you don’t know the image you are giving our young man really sucks.  Join our Revolucion by stopping that.

Project Managers:  We need your strategy!  Give us timelines, distribute roles, identify key performance indicators, set clear milestones until we reach our goal.  In the next 12 months, we want to bring the 1% of successful and funded startups to at least 5%.  Help us make that happen.

Historians:  We need your stories told right! Help us find the heroes that can inspire us.  Show us role models that helped shape and advance this country of ours.  Help us understand the origins of the borders.  Bring light to the obscure mysteries of our lost battles.  You can help us win this one.

Entrepreneurs:  We need your big ideas! When you think big, we can ask big.  Don’t be afraid to dare.  Don’t let the failures stop you but instead, let them springboard you to even bigger ventures.

Technologists:  We need your hunger! Your desire to solve the many problems currently affecting our gente through innovative ideas.  Your quest for transparent processes, your intrinsic need to think outside the box to fix our education crisis, our health issues, our unemployment level, our lack of business opportunities.  You are our hope so let’s make it happen.

Professors:  We need your knowledge! Most of us didn’t have the luxury to go to Harvard or Stanford.  However, we still need the basic business knowledge.  We need to learn about finance, project management, entrepreneurism, market research.  You can help us by giving us access to those skills.  Open your classes and we’ll make you proud.

If you fall under any of these categories, please join us in this Innovation Revolución.  If you can make it to Latino2 on Thursday, please register here.  Otherwise, you can fill out this form and tell us what you can bring to the table.  We need your leadership.



  1. Vicky B., MSW 8 years ago

    and this is why I believe so strongly in LatISM as a movement- it is bigger than than just the Latinos found in social media- it’s for all Latinos, it is clear it its intentions, it proves to serve the greatest numbers of us, and its actionable.  WEPA!!!

    Thank you, Ana, for your powerfully honest and passionate ASK.  Thank you for breaking down the WHAT CAN I DO HERE question.  I will be sharing this post widely later and will also stay connected (and potentially active) as this endeavor takes shape, lifts off, and flies.


  2. javier@socialmediarestaurants.com'
    Javier 8 years ago

    Let’s spread the tech movement to Chicago so this latino entrepreneur doesn’t feel alone 🙂

  3. nehara5050@yahoo.com'
    Alma 8 years ago

    This could become an invaluable medium to help our Latino youths to look to the tech industry for their future careers. Nearly 9 in 10 young Latinos believe college education is important to have success in life, so it clearly illustrates our children want to be educated but I don’t know that we the adults are doing enough to give them the opportunity. I have high hopes for Latino2 to provide the information and opportunities our children so much crave.

  4. davidhowto@yahoo.com'
    Luis 8 years ago

    I’m not missing Latino2 for nothing. It will be an amazing to opportunity to meet the Latino power bloggers, entrepreneurs, and activists all in one place. We really needed someone to put something like this together but I know a conference like this is much harder to sponsor than one may imagine. I haven’t been this excited for a long time and I look forward to being impressed even more on June 7th.

  5. stevenham5@yahoo.com'
    Catalina 8 years ago

    I can’t believe Joanne Wilson and David S. Rose are onboard with Latism. When you get people like them involved they instantly create excitement and interest from all over the blagosphere. I will proudly attend Latino2.

  6. daisytalks2planets@yahoo.com'
    Rose 8 years ago

    Ana! I love the energy you bring to your posts!

    You make a really important point here. It is great to stay positive and talk about all of the amazing progress we’ve made and how incredible this movement is. But we need activists! We need policymakers! Many people are afraid to talk about it, but this is CRITICAL! We cannot have a revolución without acknowledging that there are powerful interests who have wronged us, and who continue to do wrong. We owe it to ourselves and our children to tell the truth, no matter how ugly it might be! And that makes our victory all the more beautiful.

  7. paulrob111@yahoo.com'
    Jorge 8 years ago

    I would love to see online conference to take place in the future as well. It will give everyone the opportunity to network on a broader platform, unrestricted by geographic locations. With that said, I’m very excited about the movement and I’m definitely a loyal supporter.

  8. kirikuri555@yahoo.com'
    Ricardo 8 years ago

    We Latinos need to step up in the technology innovation movement. We are late in the game but we are resourceful and hard working people. Latino2 could become the building block for our future and our children’s future. All Latinos have to participate and do their part in enriching our people. Let’s all join together to be part of a positive movement.

  9. macmacbong@yahoo.com'
    Santino 8 years ago

    Your enthusiasm and your passion are infectious. With your leadership I believe Latism can bring about a culture revolution for us Latinos. We all must do our part in this movement and I sure will do mine. Thank you for sharing your vision and congratulations for making your vision a reality.

  10. webbdirectory@yahoo.com'
    Ramon 8 years ago

    Latinos in the US are the leading users of mobile technology and with politicians depending more an more on technology to spread their message or to get re-elected, our political influence is greater than ever. Latino2 is a great stage for us to showcase our political force.

  11. rickydaviz111@gmail.com'
    Francisco 8 years ago

    We are 50 million strong in this great country and it’s about time that we had a technology conference of our own. In this modern world, technology and social change go hand-in-hand and the possibility of what 50 million connected people can achieve together is the most exciting part of this movement.

  12. carlosvgs119@gmail.com'
    Carlos V 8 years ago

    Latinos for the most part retain their language and pass it down to their kids. But I’ve seen many young Latinos recently who could not speak much of their ancestor’s tongue and that really got me concerned. We live in a global world, global economy and global culture permeates through every part of our lives. Being multilingual is an enormous asset and as well as the pride of our people. My hope is for Latino2 to infuse some pride to our youngsters about their heritage and their culture.

  13. christiand559@gmail.com'
    Dario 8 years ago

    I don’t know if the little that I can help will mean anything, but I can make small donations and help spread the word. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for the Latino community and our people can reap much benefit from it. I love that you are doing your best to motivate average people like me to get involved. I always wanted to do something more for our community but I never really knew how. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for Latino2!

  14. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    You’re just amazing Vicky!
    Thank you for showing us support all the times.  Thank you for believing in us.
    You rock! 

  15. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    Pa’ alla vamos Javier! in the meantime you can cyber join us. 

  16. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    Agree 200% – Let’s make it happen

  17. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    I agree Rose.  We must bring the entire community to the table if we really want to make a concrete impact.  Thank you for your feedback.

  18. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    We’re live streaming the Pitch Competition and you’ll even get to vote on your favorite pitch.  I hope I see you in cyberlandia tomorrow at 12 pm.

  19. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    Thank you Dario.  We need your voice and your dreams.  By helping a young Latino student believe he can do it, you’re helping the movement.

  20. Vicky B., MSW 8 years ago

    It starts with a dream! I BELIEVE! #LatISM

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