John Boehner welcomes ‘education’ on immigration


imagesImmigration reform is a new concept for House of Representative members and  House Speaker John Boehner welcomes the outside groups and senators who are working to sway members of his caucus on immigration.  You have to remember two-thirds of the House members, at least two-thirds of the members, have never dealt with this issue,” Boehner told reporters on Wednesday morning.

Boehner stresses the importance of educating members about the hundreds of issues involved in fixing our legal immigration system.    Perhaps, this is the best approach in helping House of representatives in understanding that this immigration reform affects many different aspects of life in America for undocumented immigrants.

A group of big business leaders and are coordinating with Democrats and Republicans in the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” to seek out the House Republicans who they think can be persuaded on immigrants.

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