It Won’t Be Easy, But Here’s How You Can Keep All Your Conversations Private


3764739701_a01c993d52Technology has facilitated a lot of new discoveries and has allowed people to share these discoveries all around the world.   However there are a few things people rather keep private.  Is there such a thing a privacy with all of the technology we have at our fingertips?  There are ways to keep your correspondence off the grid.  As technology users we are prone to be attacked on the internet by malicious users and we need to learn how to protect ourselves.

One way of minimizing the chance of being spied on the phone is purchasing a “burner” phone.  The advantages of the “burner” phone it is not linked in any way to your identity.  Of course, the person you’re calling also needs a burner phone. What’s the point of using an anonymous phone if the person you’re calling is still using their potentially tapped personal phone?

Protecting you e-mail account is just as important as protecting private calls and here is how to do it.  You need to begin by downloading Tor and e-mailing will become safer.   The service creates a network of virtual tunnels that ISPs and other more nefarious organizations can’t track.  Use Hushmail’s secure email service. It has fancy security features like OpenPGP to encrypt all those emails you’re sending to your friends.  Another safe keeping tip is don’t open any documents, enable any Flash or Quicktime files, or enable or install any browser plugins while using Tor or web-based email.

These are all helpful ways to maintain your private life away from online predators.

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