Is obesity a disease or the result of choices?


healthObesity in the United States has grown to an extent where it is a huge health concern for Americans.  Have you wondered whether it is a disease or do some people bring obesity onto themselves?

Statistics show that 30 per cent of the adult population and 17 per cent of children and teens are obese.  Obesity is defined as having a body mass index greater than 30.  There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, including genetics, chronic health factors, economics and lifestyle.  In Canada, Quebecers are known to eat more food and yet, overall, are in a healthier BMI range.  Quebecers reported to eat more fruits and they eat at home more often.

How can parents make sure their children are eating healthier in school?

Following healthy snack guidelines of what not to bring to school (no pop, chips, candies).  The right kind of snacks make all of the difference for children.  Keeping after-school snacks lighter, such as soups, vegetable trays and dips, fruits and yogurts, to stave off hunger until dinner is ideal.

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