Iris scans are the new school IDs


Iris-ScanIdentification cards in schools are soon to be a method of the past as school officials use iris scanners.  This new system of identification is expected to take place in the fall in elementary schools through college levels.  “Iris scanning has a very high level of accuracy, and you don’t have to touch anything, said James Hammond, head of Winthrop University’s Information Technology department. “It can be hands free security.”

This new method of identifying students will help schools and buses become safer.  In South Dakota  Blinkspot manufacturers designed Iris scanners strictly for buses.  The way it works is When elementary school students come aboard, they look into a scanner (it looks like a pair of binoculars). The reader will beep if they’re on the right bus and honk if they’re on the wrong one.

The Blinkspot scanner syncs with a mobile app that parents can use to track where their kids are.  Parents are notified where their child enters or exits the bus.

Biometrics a type of security that recognizes physical characteristics to identify people.  What can we expect with this new form of technology?  Industry insiders say the technology will be available all over– from banks to airports.  Airports will be using this security measure as well and this can identify people and welcome them by name.  Tracking children is great for parents, but should adults be tracked this closely?  Doesn’t this violate some of our human rights?

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