IPads, Galaxys, and other devices are becoming staples of special-ed classrooms.

assistive technology

assistive technologyIntegrating Ipads, Galaxys and other electronic devices in Special Education classes is revolutionizing the way students learn.

How much learning could autistic children get by using technology in the classroom?

 Autistic students can benefit from blended technologies because it is simpler to read than people.  Proloquo is a great communication app for Ipads and was designed for kids who could not speak.  

Assistive technology which is helping Autistic kids in learning and keeps them engaged and challenged.  In a sense these students are not being left out of the cool innovative technologies used in regular education classes.  Valeska Gioia, an assistive technology specialist says, “We have so many different programs that will help a child.”

“We spent a lot of time laminating and Velcroing,” recalls Melissa Cantwell, who teaches autistic children in Vancouver, Washington. The cost of some of the bulky communication devices ranged from $6,000 to $10,000.  

Autistic kids use technology in learning and is like a game for them.  Every students has a different style of learning and the traditional way did not cater to all regular education students.  Autistic students will be more engaged and excited to learn because now they won’t have a teacher in front of  them just teaching, with tablets and Ipads they can participate more.

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