Iowa View: Immigration reform is in the interest of young people, and nation


The immigration reform causes a lot of emotion for young people and indeed it affects the lives of future generation living in this country.

For states like Iowa the immigration reform for higher education is a sensitive topic.

Drake a college in Iowa attempts to attract bright students to their campus.  In 2012, there were about 60,000 undocumented immigrants that graduated from American schools , but were not able to further their education because of their lack of citizenship.  The worst part of this reality is that these students have lived in the US for such a long time and they are often denied financial aid and are detained from furthering their education.

Drake University favor the passage of bipartisan immigration reform because it allows students who are qualified to get a education.  Immigrant graduate have a history of becoming entrepreneurs and this is very important in Latino communities.  The Iowa Policy project indicates there would be 8,000-13,600 students that will benefit from the immigration reform.

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