Introducing: #FigureoFriday

Beginning today, we are unveiling a new series of posts we are calling “Figureo Friday”.

Every Friday of every week, we will be featuring a different Latino/a in Social Media to highlight the amazing strides he/she is making in the world of social media.

For our first figureo, we have chosen our  two Latina bloggers who won the LATISM BlissDom scholarship. These two amazing chicas exemplify LATISM’s tenets of service, research and leadership in their respective communities.

Monique Frausto (@BlogsbyLatinas)

This inspiring Latina is the creator and founder of Blogs by Latinas, the first international online directory of Latina bloggers, with over 1000 blogs written by Latinas from around the world.

She’s also the creator and founder of and And the co-founder of She’s everywhere!

With energy to spare and a heart of gold, Monique is set to conquer the world, one bloguera at a time!

Yolanda Mason (@CuponeandoLive)

Yoli is a Latina Blogger/Vlogger with a passion: sharing with others how to save money via tips and coupon matches.

Through both her Cuponeando blog and her weekly show on MomTV, aims to fill the void in the frugal blogging community serving the Spanish speaking Latino community.

A leading blogger, New Media enthusiast and by her own admission, a foodie wannabe, this Bloguera sure knows how to bring on the flavor!

Check back here every Friday for our latest installment of our #FigureoFriday!

Let us know who you’d like to see profiled! Or better yet, if you’re as awesome as these chicas [and we know you ARE!] tell us what you’re up to. Who knows? Our next shoutout might just be YOU!



    julito77 9 years ago

    Very cool. These are two very accomplished and very successful #latism bloggers.

    clicklatina 9 years ago

    I am so very very very very honored to be featured on this first #FigureoFriday!! Thank you from the bottom of my blogger heart! xoxo

    Cuponeando 9 years ago

    Thank you so much! I’m very grateful for the opportunity given by LATISM.

    Patty A. 9 years ago

    Congratulations Monique and Yoly! Very well deserved! These ladies area fabulous!

    AnaRC 9 years ago

    I had the honor to spend two days with these amazing mujeres and yes they are extraordinarias! Great business women but even better, they truly care about their community. They are leaders.

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