Intel Shows New Education Tablets


Intel has just shown two new Android-based tablets that are aimed specifically at the education market, signaling very clearly that the tech giant sees this as a growing and important market. What’s a bit misleading about this new product announcement is that these devices are reference works, not actually products for sale.

Unlike a normal tech company, Intel is focused on making and selling the chips that drive the devices, so these are essentially reference models that manufacturing partners like Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and others can use to produce their own products. Intel has done the hard work of creating the underlying hardware and now the manufacturers can use the designs to make their own branded units.

The new designs feature everything from an attached stylus to a complete educational software package to a snap-on magnification lens which “supports inquiry-based learning with close-up views” and a plug-in thermal probe which “expands the type of experimentation and exploration possible” with the device, according to Intel. The tablets will come in 10″ and 7″ sizes and feature built-in speakers, front and rear cameras, microphones and other normal tablet technology.

“Intel remains committed to helping teachers and students achieve better results through the development of complete solutions that span the hardware, software, and digital content required for a 21st-century learning experience. The tablet we are introducing is one additional step in a 10 year journey,” John Galvin, vice president of Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Intel Education, said in a statement.

While cost is always a key factor in these purchasing decisions, indications are that these devices will be made to be affordable for schools. In a market currently dominated by the iPad (Apple has always been strong in the educational market), it will be very interesting to see who brings these out and how they are received. Increased competition in the tech sector, especially in an area as hot as tablets can only help the end user by improving quality and lowering prices.

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Image courtesy of Intel.




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