Inside the immigration bill: special path for DREAMers


The immigration reform is a topic of great discussion for Americans and it will affect people in areas of business, technology, education and health.  So we must learn as much as we can about this new reform.

What is the “DREAM act” in the immigration reform bill?

The DREAM act involves a bill to legalize young adults.  Under the DREAM act young adults would be granted quick  provisional legal status, this means that they would be able to live and work freely in the United States.   After a period of five years they would be given the green card and this would finally allow permanent residency in the US.

How can young adults qualify for the DREAM act?

DREAMers who came to the United States when they were 15 or younger and have been in the country since Dec. 31 2011.  They are required to have graduated from High school or received a GED and to pursue higher education or serve in the military.

What will happen to individuals that defered action under Obama’s action will automatically qualify for provisional legal status.

What are critiques of the DREAM Act?

There is a 180-day lag time before any immigrants can apply for provisional legal status.

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