On Sundays, I’ve been asked to write “The word from LATISM” so to keep it literal, I’ve selected one word: I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E

The official definition of Influence is:

the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of other.

Are you an influencer? if yes, How are you using your influence?

Social media can certainly amplify your influence.  We have just witnessed what is happening in Egypt.  We can confirm that social media has made their revolution more efficient.  A group of influencers called their communities to action and people re-acted.  Egyptians had been acting the same way for 30 years, but it took a Re-Action to bring these 30 years of dictatorship to an end.  Actually to the beginning of the end.  The real victory will only come when a clean democratic election takes place.

So my question goes back to you: What is your revolution? What is your call to action?

Before you answer these questions, I would like to bring two points to your attention:

in-Fluent: means that you are fluent in something.  You have so much abundance of your passion/cause/values/goals, that it flows out.  It glows

In-fluent: means that you are inside.  That you belong, that you lead, that you are community.

If you are genuinely passionate about something other than yourself and you belong in a community, then your influence can move others to action. And welcome to LATISM!

LATISM mission is mainly to help you discover and explore the new media tools that will amplify your influence.  There are four areas where LATISM has a particular interest as an organization.  If you are in one of these categories, then jump on board, tell us about your revolution and let’s use social media to amplify it.

Education: The alarming drop-out rates among our young Latino(a)s is desperately calling for influencers in the area of education who can move the community to Re-Act.

Health: Latinos and Latinas are leading the charts in the issues around childhood obesity, heart diseases, spina bifida, type II diabetes and so forth.  We need influencers who can use social media to amplify their awareness and prevention efforts.

Technology: Our Latino youth are  engaged in social networking sites 60% more than their counterparts.  We need tech lideres (I meant to write that in Spanish) who can build culturally sensitive technologies and tools that will empower our community.  We need lideres who can serve as role models to our youth.

Economic Development: The unemployment rate among Latino(a)s is significantly higher than the rest of the population.  As a result, more Latinos are in debt, losing their homes, falling back to social services.  We need influencers who can lead business owners, entrepreneurs, hard working latino(a)s to economic independence.

LATISM influence is nothing but your influence.  The last time we surveyed, we had a little over 100,000 bloggers in our networks.  Let’s use this community of influencers to learn best practices together, showcase what’s working and to I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E the hearts of nuestra gente to Re-Act towards a better life.

Happy V-Week Latinos in Social Media!



    jesseluna 9 years ago

    I love that the LATISM is supportive of taking actions on these 4 key areas. It’s not up to LATISM to do all of the work. Many of us are already out there working in these areas. We can use LATISM to help connect our efforts, share our victories, and seek support.

    Laurita Tellado 9 years ago

    Ana: Awesome & inspiring post! It’s incredible. Muchas gracias también por mencionar la espina bífida, ya que no hay mucho conocimiento sobre esto. Ojalá y al mencionarlo hiciste que todos fueran a Google a averiguar lo que es! Eres una gran motivadora. TQM! <3

    Vionet-Edith <3 9 years ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day week to you as well and may you always feel loved and celebrate that love. May you also always use your influence on others to bring about positive things. <3

    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    In about two weeks, I will be speaking to a group of Rutgers students about the use of social media for social justice. As I prepare my presentation, I find myself reflecting upon this same concept, internal and external influencers that help us transform our world.

    Thank you Ana for leaving the crossed sentences in…

    Tinnitus Miracle 8 years ago

    I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were very useful. Regards

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