Improving Teen Health By Text Messaging


Now in days, teenagers spend a lot of time texting.

Researchers had estimated that teenagers receive an average of 3,417 texts a month, or about 114 per day.

A new study attempts to turn this innate behavior of the millennia and Generation Y subjects into a way in which educational information about nutrition and physical activity is delivered to teens.

Investigators studied whether teenagers would be interested in receiving texts about health on their phones and how they would like those messages presented.

Researchers studied 177 adolescents, ages 12-18 and discovered that most teens were open to receiving such texts, but the way in which they were worded made a big difference.

Melanie Hingle from the University of Arizona said, “Kids are texting all the time, so it’s a communication they’re very familiar with and it appeals to them.”

Texts the teens liked best included those that specifically referenced their age group.

Melanie believes text messaging can be a potentially valuable supplement to in-person nutrition education and fitness programs for teens.

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