Immigration Reform, But Not Health Care For Immigrants?

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The fear of exclusion for illegal immigrants in Obamacare is an issue that needs to be address in the immigration reform.

From an economic standpoint officials are considering the costs or benefits of the immigration reform.  Pressure from the right side might mean they exclude newly legalized immigrants from Obamacare.

A white paper released April 9 by the American Action Forum, a conservative group, claims that immigration reform could reduce the federal deficit by $2.5 trillion over the next decade.Conservatives are on the fence about providing immigrants with Obamacare.

“While we understand that cost is a significant issue with any piece of legislation, we think that if Congress is going to spend millions of dollars on a border that is already secure, that that money would be better spent fully integrating immigrants into American society by providing them with access to health coverage,” says Don Lyster, Washington director for the National Immigrant Law Center.

While most signs are indicating immigrants who gain provisional status will be excluded from Obamacare, immigrants should remain hopeful.  Integrating illegal immigrants in our society means they are being welcomed and have human rights like any other citizen in society.  They should not be ostricized and denied health coverage that would not be just.

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