Immigration Reform Bill Bonanza for Defense Industry


At only $17 million each the Blackhawk is just what
we need for border security. Not!

In what should come as a surprise to nobody (if they’re conscious), some digging has revealed that beneath the political rhetoric of the recently passed Senate immigration reform bill lies a lotto win for certain big defense players.

The $4.3 billion proposed miscarriage of justice masquerading as reform (how is 40,000+ border guards reform?) is actually just an excuse to shovel large piles of money to defense contractors that have been quietly lobbying (paying off) lawmakers for just this chance. To make matters worse, the wording of the new law is so specific that the four biggest winners in this private poker game won’t even have to bid competitively. So we get screwed twice for the same price.

Lawmakers, at the behest of their defense buddies wrote in specific items like 15 Blackhawk helicopters at $17 million each and six $9.3 million airborne radar systems just to scratch the surface. In each case, the law stipulates the specific items so even though the Blackhawk isn’t the only helicopter that could be used, it’s the only one that will be used.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown sadly accustomed to being lied to, cheated, used, and abused by elected officials. But now adding grand theft, bribery, and favoritism to the whole mess is making it very hard to sit by and watch it happen. Perhaps the only saving grace is that the House of Representatives, led by John Boehner doesn’t like the Senate bill, so they’re going to waste time and money coming up with their own version, likely full of the same embedded war toys. One of the big sticking points is that the 11-year proposed path to citizenship doesn’t sit well with the ultra-right wing nut jobs in the House, so if they do manage to patch together their own bill, there might be no path to citizenship as well as billions in defense goodies, making it even worse than the garbage already shoveled at us by the Senate.

In the end, it’s pretty much business as usual in Washington. Too bad. It might be nice if, some day, they actually did the right thing. Of course, elections are coming and that means a chance to switch up the players. Let’s hope something good will come of it.

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