IMF Paints Gloomy Economic Outlook

IMF Greece Financial Crisis

IMF Greece Financial Crisis
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a less than happy forecast for economic growth around the world over the next two years. While they do see growth, it will be at a slower pace than they thought and this may be a problem if it comes to pass. The IMF sees problems brewing for large economies like those in Europe and in South America.

However, as with many of these stories, these are guesses they like to call forecasts and we all know how accurate forecasts can be when based on questionable numbers, computer models and the thoughts of analysts and economists who usually can’t find their car keys if they were attached to them. There’s no question that the economies of many countries are weak and only slowly recovering from the 2008 recession. However, as nobody can truly predict the future with any degree of accuracy, gloom and doom reports like this can be either ignored or become self-fulfilling prophecies depending on what Wall Street and large banks around the world think.

Things are improving and the report does forecast some growth and that would indicate better times ahead, just maybe not as soon as we’d like.

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