HPV Vaccine Cuts Cancer Virus in Girls By Half


4665316289_e672a838b4There is good news about the HPV vaccine now a study shows that it  has cut infections in teen girls by half.  Mayo Clinic experts tells us about 80 percent of all Americans will get infected by Human Papillomavirus at some point in their life.  The study found a 56 percent reduction in the types of HPV targeted by the shots.

The  HPV vaccine faced huge opposition from parents because they think teens might be more likely to have sex.  “The fact that HPV is a sexually transmitted infection is probably where that stemmed from,” said Ehryn Barthelme of Planned Parenthood in Rochester.  Teaching teenagers that are sexually active to be responsible sets them up with a strong foundation.  Teenage girls benefit from this vaccine and the symptoms that go unnoticed.

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