How Would the Gang of 8’s immigration proposal affect you?


This is an exciting week as we are approaching the date of our outdated immigration reform.

Some people are wondering how this new bill will be affecting them?

The “Gang of 8” draft immigration proposal is shaping up to be a multibillion-dollar plan for enhancing border security, a system for regulating labor standards in an immigrant-rich economy, and a complete revamp of the country’s visa allocation policies.

For immigration families that are in limbo waiting of waiting for a green card for a family member.  Gang of 8’s draft proposal  promises to fully erase the current backlog on family reunification visas that has kept hundreds of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents from Southern Nevada waiting for decades to bring their immediate family members to the United States.

The Gang of 8’s draft proposal supports the Dream Act, and it enables young undocumented children either enroll them in college or enlist in the military on a path for a green card within five years.

The proposal also creates a new “Registered Provisional Immigrant Status” for individuals that can prove they have been in the U.S. continuously since before Dec. 31, 2011, do not have a serious criminal record, and are willing to pay back taxes and other fees. Applicants can build up points toward a visa based on their level of education, length of residence, and employment status in the U.S., and there would be up to 250,000 of those visas available every year.

For employers looking to hire undocumented immigrants this new reform will have all employers check the work availability of potential hires.

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