How Was School? Five Ways to Get Kids to Answer!

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Ever find it is a hassle to ask your kids the the question how was school today?

It may be uncomfortable for some parents to ask this question and even more uncomfortable to have kids refusing to speak.  Parents need to be more involved in their child’s lives.   Clinical Psychologist Richard Zakreski, says “It’s important that parents become as active as they can be in their kid’s school right from the beginning,”.

There are five tips in getting kids to talk about their day

Get involved -Joining the PTA is a way or volunteering to be the class mom for a day are ways of getting involved in your child’s life.  Having a point of reference when your child speaks about his teacher or classmates is a good way to open the lines of communication.

Be supportive- Children should feel that parents are a safe haven for sharing their ideas and concerns without being judged.  It is important for parents to recognize signs of potential trouble, falling grades but it is important for parents to ask in a non-judgmental way.

Time it right- Give your child time to decompress and relax before they share information.  Perhaps watching television before they do homework is a way of them relaxing before asking too many questions.

Don’t nag-  Ask your child only a few questions at  a time.

Know your kid-  Be able to recognize unusual behaviors in your child’s life.  Once you get your child to open up about his experiences, desires, dilemmas and needs, be prepared to respond carefully.

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