How To Adapt A Business To The New Mobile Reality

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The mobile revolution is here and businesses are either using mobile to their advantage or struggling to keep up.

A recent report reveals that there will be 5.2 billion mobile users by 2017 and that mobile traffic data is expected to increase 13-fold in the next five years.

Businesses that have managed to keep up with the growing potential of mobile phones are predicted to have the most success.  Businesses that are starting should take advantage of mobile services and come up with a creative product that can connect business to the mobile world.

Square is a small company that has a compact payment device which allows consumers to swipe their cards on the go.  Tech crunch states mobile first startups are so successful because their products are so distinct from companies that come to it late.

Companies that are not mobile first are recommended to adapt their business model to the mobile platform.  According to CEO, Dan Rundle Businesses to build a single website for the company that can be scaled to the customer’s preference.

What are important things to keep in mind?

Who are your users, and what might they be using their mobile devices for?   Businesses should present company phone numbers in bigger and bolder formats and the worry about presenting companies logos.

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