HolidayPhone saves travelers up to 86% on international roaming costs compared to leading US carriers


mobile-phone-roaming-250x199HolidayPhone is a leading solutions provider of roaming free mobile Internet, voice and text services for international travelers. With a SIM card solution the company can help travelers save up to 86% on international roaming when using mobile services abroad in 29 popular destination countries.

In the table below we have calculated the savings for someone going on a two weeks vacation to Mexico, the UK or Spain based on a normal mobile phone usage pattern according to our observations. Our example is based on someone using 1GB data, sending 50 texts, and making 1 hour of calls to and receiving 1 hour of calls from the US. With HolidayPhone you would save up to 86% on your mobile bill compared to international packages from major US mobile carriers:

Country of visitHolidayPhoneVerizon Wireless1Savings with HolidayphoneAT&T2Savings with HolidayPhone

“We are very happy to see that the EU for example have started taking actions against international roaming within the EU. But we believe that prices can go down further, both for continental and intercontinental travel in all parts of the world. Our mission is for all travelers to have the freedom to use their mobile devices the same way as at home when traveling abroad, without having to worry about chokingly high mobile bills,” says Joacim Boivie, CEO and Founder, HolidayPhone.

SIM cards from HolidayPhone are available when visiting Spain, the UK, Italy and 25 other popular vacation destination countries across five continents. The company also offers data SIM cards for tablets and other mobile devices, and a Mobile WIFI Hotspot device for those traveling with carrier locked mobile phones. HolidayPhone can offer low prices by reselling local mobile services in each country of operation. With HolidayPhone you stay reachable on your normal US mobile number.

You can find a full list of destinations and tariffs here:

For more information, visit or contact:
Emelie Fågelstedt, PR contact,
Klas Hoberg, Executive VP, +46 733 105

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