HolidayPhone can save users money abroad with a prepaid SIM card for their smartphone

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images (2)Washington, DC, USA. HolidayPhone was featured on NewsWatch as part of its popular Technology Report segment that takes a look at the latest and coolest technology products and services available on the market. Andrew Tropeano, host of the segment, shared with viewers how HolidayPhone can save users money abroad with a prepaid SIM card for their smartphone.

Andrew Tropeano says:

“28 million international trips were taken by US Citizens last year. The majority of travelers have cell phones, but using them for calling, texting or surfing while abroad is either impossible or incredibly expensive. HolidayPhone is a solution to this common problem among international travelers. It’s a pre-paid SIM card for an iPhone or Android-based phone that allows consumers to make local calls from their cell phone in 29 major countries. Instead of worrying about a cell phone bill at the end of the month because of roaming charges, users know exactly what they paid when they purchased the card. A phone equipped with the SIM Card can still make calls, text, upload photos, and use social networks. HolidayPhone gives a saving of up to 90% compared to major US carriers. So if you’re traveling abroad anytime soon, HolidayPhone is a must-have product. Just head to to learn more.”

NewsWatch is a weekly 30-minute consumer oriented television show that airs monthly on the History Channel and weekly on the ION Network. NewsWatch regularly features top technology products, unique and beautiful travel destinations, health tips, medical breakthroughs, and entertainment news on the show. The show airs in 180 markets nationwide in the US as well as all of the top 20 broadcast markets in the country, and is the preferred choice for Satellite Media Tour and Video News Release Distribution.

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