Hispanic, Jewish Leaders Meet To Plan Cooperation


Hispanic and Jewish leaders are meeting up and speaking about important issues that affect both groups.  Among these issues are discussing ways to work together and and make sure they have a voice in the future.

Henry Cisneros, director of CityView and former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development argues ” “We need to step right up there” and make sure their combined voices are heard on such topics as immigration, education, economic empowerment and Israel.”  “For us, freedom is everyone’s business, and no one is truly free or equal until we all are.” As Jews, “we are taught to pursue justice” and that all people are created in God’s image, Harris said.

Hispanics have move up in the economic ladder and they hold high positions in America’s business and political scene.  Both groups can agree the future of 12 million undocumented workers living in America needs to be addressed far beyond whether they become legal on a fast or a slow track.  These 12 million legalized Hispanics will be able to work and rent their own homes and live a better life.

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