High Tech Displays not just for Fighter Planes Anymore

Garmin_HUD_508 copy

Garmin_HUD_508 copy
Garmin today introduced a new Head Up Display (HUD) device which will project driving directions directly onto your windshield, which they claim is safer and less distracting to the driver. It’s also really cool!

The $129 device will link, via Bluetooth, to any Apple, Android or Windows 8 smartphone and will work in virtually any car. Until now, this technology was available on a few high-end cars and it’s been in use in fighter planes for quite some time. The new device projects the information onto a special transparent film adhered to the windshield or onto a reflector lens attached to the device itself. It will even show turn by turn directions if you get a Navigon or Garmin app.

To read the complete story, please click here.

Image courtesy of Garmin.




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