HHS Secretary Sebelius’ Call for Review of Transplant Rules Means Girl Is ‘Left to Die,’ Family Says


Organ transplants are a very serious deal for adults, but for children they can mean continuing to live life or ending it at an early age.  There are tons of regulations surrounding organ transplants for example, you can only get one transplant per lifetime.  In a recent case  Sarah Murnaghan, 10, would be at the top of the adult lung transplant list if she were 12, because she only has weeks to live and a lung transplant would as-good-as cure her of cystic fibrosis.

Sarah’s parents are fighting to get an adult lung for her and they are demanding hospitals officials to do something about their daughter’s health.  This existing policy is definitely inhumane and children like Sarah are forced to wait for a lung transplant, despite her life-threatening illness. Children like Sarah, that are dealing with life threatening circumstances should not be denied the right to live.

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