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Education is a huge concern for immigrant families and just because parents do not speak English it does not mean that they are careless about their child’s education.  Parent college is an education effort ran by partnership for Los Angeles schools for low income immigrant parents.

This great program is held on Saturdays and the workshop teaches parents how to read a report card and what life is like on a college campus.

For Maria Martinez a parent that attends this workshop, she was not able to afford an education.  She didn’t learn how to read and write until she was 15 years old.  In her family education was not a priority for the women because they were expected to cook and clean.  She was one of fourteen children and she did not know the importance of getting an education.  Then she heard about a program called Parent College.  She enrolled

Even after months of classes, participants in the program sometimes remain befuddled by the complexities of the U.S. education system. “It’s uncharted territory for them,” said Graciela Fernandez, director of the Student Outreach and Retention Center at UC Irvine.  This program helps immigrant parents get involved in their children’s learning process and explain the importance of getting an education.

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