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Humana, a Fortune 100 healthcare company, got serious about its commitments and formalized a CSR program in 2009. Humana started as a nursing home company and since then it has evolved into the nation’s largest hospital firm. The company now markets and administers health insurance services in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

One of the primary ways it encourages customers to stay healthy is through the design of play—leveraging behavioral economics, mobile technology, gamification and social media. As Humana’s innovation expert Grant Harrison once said to FastCompany magazine: “Health-insurance companies have to change. We can’t focus solely on policy reform; we’re hoping to become a health-creation company. The focus for us is to make fun things healthy.”

Here are a few examples:

Video Games: Humana partnered with video game developer Ubisoft  to create “Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2012,”  a workout program available on Xbox Kinect that offers players more than 90 hours of fitness activities, including cardio boxing, jumprope and yoga.

Rewards: HumanaVitality offers a loyalty rewards program, in which customers, including kids under age 17, can earn points for participating in healthy activities, making them eligible to redeem a range of prizes, from movie tickets to restaurant outings.

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