Hacking Your Car Now an Issue


Modern cars now have anywhere from 20 to 70 separate computers throughout, all tied into a moving miniature network. And just like normal computers and networks, hackers have now found ways to get in and take control or everything from the steering and brakes to the seat belts and the engine. The results of a study by white hat hackers and security experts showed a variety of weaknesses in modern cars and they suggest the auto industry needs to address these issues.

The hackers found two ways into the cars; through a port on the dash used by mechanics and via cellular or bluetooth. ‘‘The more technology they add to the vehicle, the more opportunities there are for that to be abused for nefarious purposes,’’ says Rich Mogull, CEO of Phoenix-based Securosis, a security research firm. ‘‘Anything with a computer chip in it is vulnerable, history keeps showing us.’’

At present, there is no evidence that bad hackers have used any of this information to actually steal or hurt people’s cars. However, unless the weaknesses are fixed, this could be a problem down the road.

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Image courtesy of www.secretsofthefed.com.




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