Grad rates for blacks, Latinos not keeping up


degree-valueLow income students all around the country face the fear of debt after graduating from college.  One of the biggest problem at this moment is students are hesitant to even enroll in college class.  Is there a way around this issue?  How can these students even consider continuing  their education, when they can’t afford the costs?

For Latino and Black Iowans there are gaps in earning college degrees — and high school degrees as a result of owing money after graduation.  Only 10 percent of Latino Iowans graduated college in 2010 compared to 16 percent of black and 25 percent of white Iowans. All those rates are below the national averages of 13 percent for Latinos, 18 percent for blacks and 31 percent for whites.

If students can’t complete a High School program, it is impossible for them to qualify for an intensive college program.  Parents in this particular area do not have the comprehensive knowledge of  how to prepare their children for higher education.  Besides all of the economic issues,  money is not the only obstacle.  The reality is that parents that work more than 10 hours a day don’t have the time or possibly energy to be as involved in their kids education.

There are available resources and programs that students and families could use to better understand the education system.  Saving for college years in advance can help students of any race have a real opportunity at a great education.

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