Gallup survey shows most U.S. workers unhappy


gty_insomnia_work_productivity_ll_111028_wgEmployee satisfaction in the workplace is often disregarded.  Are employers benefiting from this employee dissatisfaction in the long run?

A recent survey shows seven out of 10 workers “have either checked out at work, or are actively disengaged,” The survey consisted of 100 million full time workers.  The survey found only 30 percent were engaged and enthusiastic about their workplace.  50 percent were just going through the motions.  And 20 percent were “actively disengaged” and hate going to work.  Gallup estimates the last group costs the U.S. $550 billion in economic activity each year. 

Industrial Psychology looks at productivity and employee satisfaction and employees who are content in the workplace work harder and take more pride in their work.  These results are not surprising because it is rare for employers to hold workshops to validate employee satisfaction.

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