FreedomPop Free Mobile Service Expands


Free mobile provider Freedompop has announced that it has expanded its offering to include the expanded Sprint 4G LTE network. For those unfamiliar with Freedompop, the service was started to offer people a free/low cost alternative to the high priced mobile data offerings from major providers like Verizon and AT&T.

You select one of several plans that give you anywhere from 500 megs to 2 gigs of mobile data per month via a cellular hot spot device. You pay for the device ($34.95 for the basic unit) and as long as you stay below 500 megs (the free plan), you never pay again. If you exceed 500 megs, you pay two cents per meg. Larger plans that offer 2 gigs run $19.99 per moth; still far cheaper than plans from the majors. This idea, as you can imagine, caught on and the company has been growing quickly.

A service like this is useful for people with low end needs (getting e-mail, posting a picture to Facebook) but wouldn’t be attractive to serious road warriors  who use a lot more data and demand a lot more speed. Complaints of slow speed and lackluster customer service are being addressed by a new round of funding, the new deal with Sprint and planned new hiring.

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