FortressFoneTM Technology can protect you from getting hacked


downloadFortressFoneTM Provides Government Level Security to Executives

Ziklag pioneers technology to protect companies from compromising voice, data hacks

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ziklag Systems, the leading developer of next-generation security products for enterprise applications, announced today the launch of FortressFoneTM, the first Android smartphone hardened to protect against security breaches and hacking. Designed for use by corporations and executives, FortressFoneTM utilizes a proprietary three-tier solution to fully protect data and voice transmissions with government level encryption and a hardened kernel.

Unlike software-based applications that can easily be compromised by hackers, FortressFoneTM combines kernel-implemented security mechanisms and the adoption of a removable security token with a specially designed app that engages Ziklag’s powerful encryption key. FortressFoneTM protects against breaches at every level – hardware, operating system and application.

Additionally, voice and data transmissions from the FortressFoneTM are protected by attacks on third-party servers. Secure voice calls and data transmissions can be made between two FortressFoneTM devices or between a FortressFoneTM and a desktop or laptop computer directly via a LAN Internet connection to Ziklag servers running FortressCAPSSTM. The FortressCAPSSTM system provides the backbone for the security of all transmissions made using the FortressFoneTM functioning as private, secure network and encrypted transmission decoder.

“Mobile phones are being used more commonly to perform functions previously executed on computers, and they are uniquely vulnerable to security threats due to the design of the phones and their operating systems as well as the additional types of information transmitted by the devices including GPS data and text messages,” said Ziklag CEO Dr. Stephen Bryen. “FortressFone powered by the FortressCAPSS system is the first smartphone solution available to the private sector that renders voice and data transmissions virtually impenetrable.”

FortressFone™ is a professional grade encrypted phone for government and business that retains full Android platform functionality and assures high quality voice and data security. The FortressFone™ operates on the Samsung Galaxy platform, an ideal solution for protecting information and transactions for sensitive but unclassified information. For more information visit

About Ziklag Systems

Ziklag Systems is a leading global mobile security company based in Washington DC with international offices in Tokyo, Japan; Taicung, Taiwan and Herzlia, Israel. Ziklag Systems focuses on the vulnerabilities of mobile platforms and the network systems that support them. Ziklag Systems goal is to protect organizations – both government and enterprise – and individuals from being exploited by adversaries and criminals through the development of industry-pioneering security solutions. For more information, visit:





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