“Evaluación de Decisiones Estratégicas” taught by renowned Stanford Phd, Catholic University of Chile professor and strategic decision expert, Patricio del Sol, is the first massive open online course (MOOC) offered solely in Spanish where students can work together on group projects in true collaboration. The five-week free course will teach students key principles of strategic choices in
the business landscape.

MOOCS, while making international headlines, are primarily offered in English, shutting out students who speak Spanish only. This free course offers creative
class work and short engaging video filmed on location in Silicon Valley, and is offered globally to any Spanish speaking person with an Internet connection.

The course, offered by the prestigious Latin-American University, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, is available on NovoEd, the revolutionary online platform developed at Stanford University in March of 2012. “NovoEd is the only one to use the power of the social web. It’s designed with teamwork in mind,” says NovoEd founder and Stanford professor Amin Saberi.

More than 80,000 students in 150 countries participated in the first NovoEd course (previously known as Venture Lab), working in teams on projects and business models. “We had students from Silicon Valley to Russia to third-world countries in Africa,” Mr. Saberi said.

Professor Patricio del Sol became intrigued with strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation after obtaining his MA degree in Economics and his PHD in Engineering-Economic systems at Stanford University. He currently teaches in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Del Sol, who has more than 245 thousand followers on Twitter @PatricioDelSol says he wanted to find a way to teach the key principles of strategic decisions so popular in Silicon Valley, to promote entrepreneurship among Spanish speakers.

“When I came to Stanford University in January and February on sabbatical, I realized the leaders in online learning are here,” says del Sol. “This is the best place to offer the highest quality of learning and the latest methodologies to Spanish-speaking students in massive  FIRST SPANISH SPEAKING MOOC TO PROMOTE
TEAMWORK AMONG ONLINE STUDENTS!. I chose NovoEd who is at the forefront of this methodology. They are the leaders of massive online education,” adds del Sol.

NovoEd founder Saberi says, “This course provides the opportunity for Spanish speakers to engage with Professor del Sol’s world class content, while at the same time creating connections and forming networks with Spanish speakers around world. This is an essential step in NovoEd’s mission of providing a quality collaborative learning experience for anyone with access to the Internet”.

Del Sol believes NovoEd is the perfect platform to get online students to interact as opposed to learning alone in front of the computer screen. “In these courses, students get the opportunity to work together to correct each other’s homework. This is really exciting because you get feedback on your work. It enhances the educational experience. Each person not only does his or her own work, but they also have to correct other groups projects. It makes you study the material doubly hard and students profit immensely from this. In some ways the student must also be the professor,” according to del Sol.

The course, “Evaluación de Decisiones Estratégicas” has no prerequisites and teaches students how to build a cash flow and calculate a net present value (NPV) that embodies quantitatively the strategic considerations that motivate the positions for or against a particular choice.

Professor del Sol has been a Fulbright Scholar and visiting Research Fellow at Harvard Business School twice. Del Sol has conducted numerous international seminars and workshops for executives on competitive strategy and evaluation of strategic decisions. He is the author of several books including “Microeconomics”(1997) and “Win Without Competing” (2004) which was one of the top 10 Nonfiction best sellers in Chile in 2004. Del Sol is an expert in business competitiveness and has consulted on strategy and business evaluation for many public and private institutions.

Students who complete the course with a satisfactory result will receive a certificate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile recognizing their

This free course begins July 8, 2013. Enroll today athttp://www.venturelab/.

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Spanish Media Coordinator
(415) 309- 2824

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