Few female engineers and execs at Google

gender in

gender inGender roles have dramatically changed and women are now competing with men for top Engineers positions.

Just 30% of Googlers are women, according to a report on the company’s diversity issued Wednesday. Interestingly, about 48% of the company’s non-tech jobs are held by women.  Why aren’t more women dominating in tech jobs, if they are qualifies?  Could they be overlooked in the job force because of their gender.

Companies that are closest to gender equity are Ingram Micro and eBay, with more than 40% of their workers being female.  The Pew Research enter indicates that women are more active using the internet and in social media.  These companies can be benefit from having more female employees and even female CEOs.

The root of the problem doesn’t begin in the workplace, it begins in High Schools where girls do not participate in coding or Engineering programs.  Perhaps if girls are exposed to these programs earlier they can actually obtain a career in the tech field and later a top paying engineering job.

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