Our Feature Friday: A whole lot of LATISM!

Guest post by Gina Ruiz (@GinaRuiz)

Our LATISM peeps have been all over the place this week, and we couldn’t be prouder! Today, our Feature Friday salutes some amazing people doing great things in this crazy, whirlwind world of cyberspace and beyond.  We would like to congratulate them all and wish them the best in their new ventures.

¡A por ellos, chicos!

Congratulations to David Flores (@Dfloresbx) on his new position as Social Media Manager for Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  David, who has previously kicked off and managed online communities and social media for Everyday Health, TV Guide and The Wall Street Journal, should know a thing or two about social media, and he writes all about it at his blog. Enhorabuena, David!

Laura Tellado (@Laurita86), journalist, blogger and tireless activist for Spina Bifida,just hit the bloggy-jackpot this week: she’s now the official blogger for Marquis Healthcare [and as of last week, one of LATISM’s regular Health bloggers as well].  Laura also blogs about her experiences living with Spina Bifida at Holding Out for A Hero. We’re very proud that her passion for health issues has found new places to shine!

Editorial Director,  fiction writer and all-around Tweetheart Julio Varela (@Julito77), has been quite busy this week!  He’s published a new chapter in his online Frankie Benitez novel, and got featured on UrbanoTV’s PopLitical, a hilarious skit starring funny chicas Wendy Mateo and Lorena Diaz (@Dominizuelan) – Julito, hermano, you’re everywhere!

After the runaway success of his first book, America Libre, author extraordinaire Raul Ramos y Sanchez (@Raul_Ramos) has been extremely busy as well with radio shows, speaking and promoting his new book, House Divided.  Check him out at his author site here.  Raul will be discussing his new book on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles TODAY -February 11 at 4PM PT & 7PM ET- during The Pocho Hour of Power hosted by nationally-syndicated cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz. He will also be signing his book  in Pasadena, California at Vromans Books. If you’re in SoCal on February 22nd, Vroman’s is the place to be!

Liz Cerezo (@thoughtsofamommy) just re-launched the new DisneyLandia Al Día, a fun site to check out if you’re a Disney fan, and it looks fabuloso! Liz, a Southern California Latina Mom to three beautiful Mexican-Filipino kids, is a stay at home mom, a wife, hermana, tia, prima, Sister-in-law and a maverick blogger. Check out her Thoughts of a Mommy blog for all things mamihood with a Latino flair!

Our dearest Mónica Vila (@theonlinemom) was featured no less than on a New York Times article this week: E-Readers Catch Younger Eyes and Go in Backpacks – Way to go, Mónica! For the last 15 years, Mónica has focused on consumer technology and is passionate about creating tech savvy communities – empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology. You can find a compendium of her mommy-flavored tech wisdom at The Online Mom site and during her un-missable #onlinemom Twitter parties, every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

One of our fave tweeties, Juan Alanis (@juanofwords), just became a featured blogger for the Houston Chronicle and their Spanish-language publication, La Voz de Houston! This is the latest addition to his long trail of contributions to publications like the San Antonio Express News, Texas Travel Guide and others, as well as organizations like the City of Houston and the Univision News Network. You can read his brand new column here:  Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más. Also, don’t miss Juan’s hilarious misadventures, compelling stories, random thoughts and entertaining prose at his blog.

Tony Vargas (@tonytorero) is a technology evangelist who has lived and worked in the US and Europe. An accomplished developer and project manager in Telecommunications, Web & Software Development, eCommerce/Banking, Knowledge Management, eMarketing and Social Media, Tony has a unique, award-winning track record of finding creative, profitable solutions to challenges for every partner he collaborates with. You can connect with Tony on TonyTorero.comLinkedInTwitter.

Congratulations to all of you, you exemplify all the power of Latinos in Social Media [LATISM]!

Let us know who you’d like to see profiled! Or better yet if, like these folks, you embody the LATISM spirit [and we know you DO!] tell us what you’re up to. Who knows? Our next shoutout might just be YOU!



  1. ana@co-opweb.com'
    Ana Gonzales Lewis 9 years ago

    What a wonderful start to my Friday! You all are an inspiration to my soul. I raise my cup of coffee to you in a toast. Salud!

  2. raul.colon@gmail.com'
    Raul Colon 9 years ago

    Some great people on there…. I uno que se llama como yo…

    Felicidades a todos!

  3. jesse.luna@gmail.com'
    jesseluna 9 years ago

    What an amazing group! I love the Feature Fridays because they give us a chance to see who’s out there doing positive things and leading in the online world and in communities.

    Please note, I’m hosting a meetup for Raul Ramos y Sanchez just before his book signing. The meetup is just around the corner from Vromans at Zona Rosa Caffe. It’s a free event and Raul will be there and kindly offered to buy registered attendees a cup of coffee! You can register here: http://house-divided-pasadena.eventbrite.com/

  4. juliorvarela@v5group.net'
    julito77 9 years ago

    I am so honored to be included in such a select list of amazing LATISM peeps!

  5. juliorvarela@v5group.net'
    julito77 9 years ago

    Jesse, plese DM me so you can write a guest blog post on my blog for Raul’s event. That is so awesome that you are doing this. THIS is how we grow, by helping the talents of all our amazing LATISM friends.

  6. juliorvarela@v5group.net'
    julito77 9 years ago

    Abarzos, bro. Gracias!

  7. juliorvarela@v5group.net'
    julito77 9 years ago

    My coffee is being raised right back!

  8. blanca@blancastella.com'
    blancastella 9 years ago

    I love how Latism is featuring these posts. It makes me so happy to see everyone’s accomplishments. It is so motivating!

  9. jesse.luna@gmail.com'
    jesseluna 9 years ago

    Absolutely! We can’t stand around wondering why mainstream media doesn’t promote Latino/a writers if we don’t do that ourselves. Viva LatinoStream media!

  10. joe@estudioray.com'
    JoeRayCr8iv 9 years ago

    Great shout outs here! This is excellent. Congo-Ratas not only to those featured but to the lives and organizations that they touch and interact with. This provides more insight to their non-stop energy and accomplishments. ¡Salud!

  11. ergeekgoddess@gmail.com'
    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    Thanks everyone for all your comments! We’ve done these Feature Fridays for a couple of weeks now, and while compiling the information, we just marvel at how much and how far our amazing people are reaching. I urge you all to let me know what’s going on in your neck of the woods so we can feature you in all your splendor. Together, we shine even brighter… Arriba LATISM!

  12. ergeekgoddess@gmail.com'
    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    p.s. Jessy, you’re up, my man – please send me the info about the meetup!

  13. tony@tonytorero.com'
    Tony Vargas 9 years ago

    As posted elsewhere today, I’m humbled to be included in this list along-side such an amazing group of active & passionate Latinos. I feel honored & blessed to count myself among the LATISM familia! ¡Más de lo mismo chicos!

  14. disneylandiaaldia@gmail.com'
    Liz Cerezo 9 years ago

    Wow!!!! Thanks for the Shout Out!!! (: The Disneylandia al Dia Team thanks you!!! (:

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