Feature Friday: LATISM ‘s Special Mothers Day Salute

This Friday, LATISM wants to send a special salute to the true Queens of our lives: Our Mothers.

The beautiful beings with that most important job in the world: the job of bringing life into the world. The ones who are always there. The ones whose presence directs our path, fuels our dreams of the impossible and give us wings so we can soar.  The ones who, with abnegation, sacrifices and the occassional Chancletazo, show us the meaning of true love, every day.

We have many mothers in our LATISM community. In their blogs, sites, hashtags, and respective communities, they have found a platform to share their shared humanity, their sorrows, hopes and joys of Latina motherhood.  So here’s to our Latina Moms out there. Keep making us proud!

TO THESE LATINA MOM HASHTAGS [& their respective communities], a Happy Mother’s Day. LATISM loves you!

  • #theonlinemom
  • #latinabloggers
  • #lasblogueras
  • #digitallatinas
  • #mamastuiteras
  • #BlogsdeMamas
  • #latinasmart
  • #womenontheverge
  • #LLBlog
  • #digitallatina
  • @NewLatina
  • @BlogsbyLatinas

Did I forget any hahstags? Wanna give a shoutout to a special Mom? [Latina or not]. Please add their name on the comments below. Happy Mothers Day!



  1. ana@spanglishbaby.com'
    Ana L. Flores 9 years ago

    Thank you!!!

  2. yolanda@cuponeando.net'
    Yoly 9 years ago

    Gracias for the mention.

  3. alom@analydia.com'
    Ana Lydia Ochoa 9 years ago

    Thank you Elainne for the #LLBlog Mention! Our group of fabulous Latina Lifestyle Bloggers can be followed via hashtag #LLBlog. Brands and agencies wishing to work with our group and individual bloggers can join-in the conversation by following @LatinaLifestyle. As of today, we have more than 200 Latina Lifestyle Bloggers that are passionate about Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Tech/Gaming, Food, & Travel. But of course, there’s always room for more! Those interested in joining this amazing community, can fill-out the form here: http://www.llbloggers.com.

  4. ergeekgoddess@gmail.com'
    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    Thank all of YOU, we are so proud of everything you guys are doing out there! Thanks for showing the world the entrepreneurial, positive, “de armas tomar” side of Latinas and for being a great example to our next generation. You deserve all the recognition in the world – Happy Mothers Day to all!

  5. monica_vila@theonlinemom.com'
    Monica Vila 9 years ago

    Elianne and you at the epicenter of this amazing Latina bloggers familia! what a fabulous group of people!

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