Feature Friday – Estilo Latino!

It’s Friday at LATISM and you know what that means: Time to shine a spotlight at the tweeps out there showing the clueless world how it’s done: Latino style!

Congrats to our BBFs [best bloguer@ friends] @carogonza @tikitiki @AngryLatino and others whose blogs were featured in the latest Blogadera Today as the 8 Most Creative Latino Blog Logos – proving they have both good business savvy and buen gusto – Congrats to all, keep making the blogosphere stylish!

Sweetheart Ana Flores (@laflowers), better known as half of the Spanglishbaby.com duo, was featured in a The Parent Show with Angela Santomero on PBS, talking about How to make bionic bilingual babies [?!?!] What’s next, Ana, a line of Spanglish brain chips? [LOL] See the awesome show clip here.
– Great Show!

Creative dynamo cum artist extraordinaire @MayaEscobar and her AreYouMyOther.com partner Adria will be giving a presentation at the American Popular Culture Conference next week in San Antonio, Texas. We know their playful take on all things artsy and cultural will color the conference Latino – represent, chicas!

WiredLatinos is celebrating its first birthday with a new look, a new logo and a new contest! To kick off the celebrations, they’re holding a Cyber Fiesta on Twitter @6p pacific using Hashtag #WLBDAY – Congrats, pa’ lante documenting Latinos strides in tech… y qué siga la fiesta – WEPA!

Journalist, Media Producer and style maven Karina Flores-Hurley (@washingtoniana) will be featured in this Sunday’s edition of Al Punto (@alpunto) por @Univision, to discuss the role social media played during the recent Peru elections. Break a leg, amiga, LATISM will be watching -and cheering- for you!

Lastly, we were “anonadados” by the sheer amount of Spring babies in our community [surely there are more], so a very special shoutout to our birthday guys and gals this week: @NewLatina‘s 5 year-old daughter, @Coopweb @edconeexion @tonytorero @soylamar and one of my personal idols, “La Doña” of the Chicano civil-rights movement @DoloresHuerta.

Para todos ustedes ~~> Estas son las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey… Vicente Fernández!



  1. ana@spanglishbaby.com'
    Ana L. Flores 9 years ago

    Thank YOU for the shout out!! We are just beyond ourselves with the excitement of being featured on the launch of The Parent Show, PBS´new web series.
    If I had any technological know-how I´d jump over your chip idea! LOL!

  2. Maya Escobar 9 years ago

    Thank you so much! Andria and I are so proud to be representing our #LATISM family and the Latino Blogosphere at the American Popular Culture Conference!

  3. ergeekgoddess@gmail.com'
    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    You should! Perhaps soon they’ll find a way to insert it in-utero LOL In the meantime, I think your advice on the show rocked, congrats again!

  4. ao55df23232ftt5ewe@aol.com'
    essay writers uk 9 years ago

    hi girls. just want to say that you, all of you looking so great! beautiful team))

  5. Carolyn 9 years ago

    Thanks so much for including the logo story here. I wish I could take credit but I had a great web designer. LOL

  6. soylamar@gmail.com'
    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    Hey! I am so grateful for the B’day shoutout Elianne! 😀 I just read this post and of course so happy to hear las mañanitas… my fav birthday song.

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