Feature Friday: Drive and Power: A Very Dynamic Duo


Guest Post by Juan Alanis (@JuanOfWords)

Powerhouse!  It seems everyone uses that term nowadays to describe themselves or others when they are multitasking or multi-working-hard-for-the-money-or-in-some-cases-not-even-for-the-money-but-for-the-prestige – no, I’m not venting, LOL – but as we all know, it’s one thing for us to self-proclaim an halago, and completely another to be complimented without seeking it out.  Our two friends today on Feature Friday would never have dared request this halago from LATISM themselves, but since we know they deserve we’ll go ahead and say it for them: @JesusGonzalez and @webcitygirls are Powerhouses in their own right!!     

Jesus Gonzalez (@JesusGonzalez
Venezolano por nacimiento y Americano por derecho, Jesus was blessed with a family who always encouraged him to share his potential with the world.  In marketing he’s found the ability to do precisely just that.  You’ve probably seen him on your stream, on a constant basis, daily, 365 days out of the year, not that Twitter is his main endeavor, but the self-described Hispatino (Hispanic/Latino) admits he enjoys sharing and connecting with others via social media, and particularly through our LATISM Familia.  The Social Media lead for Ford Motor Company’s Hispanic-American communications team began his career at one of the nation’s fastest growing communication firms where he specialized in Hispanic Marketing, connecting brands and companies to our gente.  When he’s not busy working Jesus loves spending time with his girlfriend.  This proud LATISM member even had some exclusive news to share with us: “I’m excited because Ford’s planning some amazing social media engagement celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month starting Sept. 15th, which we hope the #LATISM community can be a unique part of.  There’s something about Hispanic engagement in social media that feels organic.  Like when I see a #chancleta thrown across my tweet deck or read the latest #LATISM news tagging US Hispanic success stories. I feel these types of cultural adaptations are what make Hispanics and Social Media such a powerful connection.”

Web City Girls (@webcitygirls)
You know them!  Of course you do.  The three ladies with the signature pink wigs.  They are the Miami-based group known as the Web City Girls.  They are a hip & active social media brand connecting people with products, services, charities and new media through social networking in an online and offline social community.  Launched in November 2010, the Web City Girls concept includes its own video reality series and has been recognized by Telemundo, Univision, Sony Latin Music and others as the first social media press team covering red carpet events from a social media point of view.  These ladies are fun and fierce and they care a whole lot about the Latino community.  Just consider their mission statement as proof:  “Educate, Empower and Inspire Latina women between the ages of 18-50+ to learn about new media, and about products or services that add value to their professional or personal lives.  We love using the power of social media to spread goodness, educate and inspire.”  Las Divas del Color de Rosa are also already making plans to attend the Latin Grammy’s, even another event in Mexico City:    “We will cover from a Social Media POV and extend our #social media campaign #TwitterHellos to celebrity interviews and the celebrations of our Latino Entertainment Industry.  We are also planning to combine branding with other brands that may have celebrity endorsements or brands that are social and make sense to combine forces in the social media space.  We are planning a webcitygirls Mexican TweetUp to promote a local business and create social networking opportunities for young professionals in the advertising industry.  This will take place in September in Mexico City.”

Are there any other tweeps you believe should be in this list? Is it YOU? Tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll feature them/you in an upcoming Feature Friday!! 

Juan Alanis (@juanofwords) is a South Texas based writer living in Houston who owns and operates the blog www.JuanofWords.com.  You can find him on Facebook, where he’s always up to something “bien Latino” at https://www.facebook.com/juanofwordsblog . Also, don’t miss Juan’s hilarious misadventures, personal vlogs and random thoughts on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Juanofwords


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