Fatty Foods Pushed More On Latino Kids Amid Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Study Says


Childhood obesity in the Latino Community is a huge concern for health experts.

When Latino children turn on the Television the first thing they see are images of high-fat, sugary foods.  A new study has found that Spanish television programming for children is packed with more junk-food ads than the same type of shows in English.

The research found 84 percent of ads aimed at Spanish-speaking kids promoted foods ranked in the worst of three food categories devised by federal health officials.  Healthy foods like fruits,vegetables, and whole grains get less than 1% exposure.  At 43 percent, the number of Latinos ages 2-19 who are overweight is 5 percent higher than in the non-Latino community.

Poverty can contribute to the obesity rate among some Hispanics.  Findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in December 2012 showed a modest decline in obesity rates among children ages 2-4 from poorer households.

What can we do as a community to reduce childhood obesity?

Implementing school exercise programs, encouraging physical fitness, as well as providing healthier options at cafeterias may be some potential factors.

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