Facebook vs. Twitter: Want Your Feed Filtered or Unfiltered?


Would you prefer your social news feed filtered or unfiltered?

Facebook is going to be launching new features this Thursday!  These new features will include new ways of filtering specific kinds of content and possible new advertising features.  While twitter continues to show everything without a filter.

Which one do you prefer?

The criticism around not filtering content on these websites revolves around the subscription function.  Twitter allows users to get updates from anyone while Facebook users need to be friends with people in order to see each other’s updates.

Twitter is less secretive than Facebook, but does this make people want to use Facebook less?

Facebook users have complained to the company because of the filtering in news feeds   One user said “If I subscribe to someone, I want to see all their updates, not just the ones you choose to show me.”  Facebook applies all kinds of algorithmic tweaks therefore some updates come up more than others or never appear at all.   Twitter is more transparent, but it has a huge stream of content an average of 2,00 posts a day for each user.

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