Facebook App for feature phones hits 100M Users


Everyone seems to check their smartphone several times a day to see what’s new on Facebook. But what if you don’t have a smartphone? Facebook answered that question some years ago with the introduction of the Facebook for Every Phone app which is aimed at bringing Facebook access to feature phones that are common in third world and developing nations. The app is written to be simple, use less data and still give access to many of the major features smartphone and computer users can access.

Facebook also has deals with local providers in many markets to supply very low cost data rates to users in developing countries. While most of Facebook’s revenues come from users in modern, western and other industrialized countries, the 100 million users they now have on the app could have an impact in the future. Of course this does beg the question of what use is Facebook to people in developing countries. If you’re still relatively poor, one would assume you have far bigger worries than who poked you or where your friend had breakfast.

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