Explosive growth of Hispanics in Texas brings dramatic changes to schools


The state of Texas is experiencing a large number of Hispanics students.  Fifty-percent of the student body are Hispanic.  These Texas schools are going through the same challenge of teaching poor children who don’t speak English.  The statistics indicate that 1 out of every 4 Texas Hispanics live below poverty line.

The number of Hispanics in Texas increased by 42 percent from 2000 to 2010. Hispanics are also disproportionately young – one out of three under the age of 18, compared to one out of five for whites.

n 2006 federal officials said Texas was “under-monitoring” school programs aimed at Spanish speakers. The state was criticized for having low achievement standards and not doing a good enough job of identifying all the “English Language Learner” speakers in a classroom – ones who could use some extra attention.

More Texas teachers are trying to really understand their students and backgrounds.  Parents do not understand the bureaucratic system of American Schools.  They do not know how to support their children in school work because of language barriers.

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