LATISM-NY Finalists

LATISM would like to congratulate the Best Latinos in Social Media in New York. Please help us clap with standing ovation these great performers who made it to the Final List.

Best NY Latino Bloggers

   *      *     * 

Best NY Latino Tweeps

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Best NY Latino Social Network Leader

Best Hispanic NY Marketing/PR Firm using Social Media


Best NY Based Company using Social Media to target Latinos

   *     *     *  (AOL Latino)

Best Non-For-Profit Organization using Social Media to reach Latinos

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If you would like to contribute with your vote please visit the NY Awards page.

IMPORTANT: LATISM has not been involved in the decision of the nominees.  The above people and companies have received the highest number of nominations during the NY nomination period (Sept. 1st to Sept. 26).  The following rules apply to both nominations and votes:

1) Nominations/Votes with a valid email address are accepted.

2) Only one nomination/vote is accepted from the IP address of an anonymous user

3) Final winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony

4) The purpose of these awards is not to promote any person/company. Instead it is to celebrate and give proper recognition to the best Latino performers in their own field.

5) Nominations/Votes Records are available to be viewed by Nominees upon request. LATISM will never sell or share private information about voters (including their email addresses).

All nominees are considered winners. Congratulations for making it to the final list. During the NY-Awards Ceremony, LATISM will award a blue ribbon to all finalists. The first prize of each category will consist of the following:

• Best Latino Blogger – a Toshiba Laptop
• Best Latino Tweep – a $300 Walmart Gift Card
• Best Social Network Leader – a Toshiba Laptop
• Best Latino PR/Marketing Firm using Social Media – a LATISM Trophy
• Best Company using Social Media to target Latinos – a LATISM Trophy
• Best Non-For-Profit Hispanic Outreach – a LATISM Trophy



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