Enter a Contest! It’ll Improve Your Health!



By Renee Marimba
Contests are great if you want to challenge yourself, have a little fun, and win an excellent prize. Even if you aren’t winning every contest you enter, you’re improving your health simply by competing. Still doubting your competitive attitude? You’ll see your health improve in four major areas by participating in competitions alone.

Get Physically Fit

Whether you are running a race or competing in a local tennis tournament, you’ll be hitting the track or court and working your muscles. Most competitions like these require some training prior to the events. Simply competing in these events will improve your fitness, despite how you place. These events are great ways to make exercise less boring. Don’t forget to talk with you doctor if you have any concerns before participating though! You don’t want to end up undertaking a marathon if your body can’t withstand the amount of physical activity.

Mind Over Matter

A person’s health isn’t limited to the way your body looks and feels. It’s also important to participate in mental challenges to keep your mind sharp. Try trivia activities like pub quizzes, look for contests asking for general knowledge responses, or work on solving difficult riddles and puzzles for other contests. Whatever the task is, it’ll make the wheels turn in your brain.. Try finding something out of your expertise. This way you’ll learn about new topics along the way, instead of waiting for your one or two category specialties. Always challenge yourself!

Team Up

Some competitions will require you to work in teams. In an education setting, you may have to complete a group science fair project, or in a community setting, a town fair may hold a contest to see which team built the best racing car. These competitions require you spend a lot of time working with other people. You have to be able to communicate effectively and fully with teammates to finish projects. Things may go wrong along the way. Working in a team is great way to practice effective communication with peers and to hone your problem solving skills. Most of all, you can make friends along the way, so don’t get too wrapped up in the competition because members of your group could become new friends.

Fight Depression

Boredom can really hurt a person’s psyche, and it can make you feel sad or down. When you don’t have anyone to socialize with or any activities to complete during the day, you can begin feeling like you’re in a rut. Don’t worry though! It’s easy to find online contests such as online games to break up the day. Start training for a marathon or another competition requiring training so you’ll be ready to participate at a later date.

By simply participating in competitions, you’ll begin to see major improvements in your life. Check your community listings and message boards, and you’ll know what events are coming to your area. Remember that you don’t have to win to improve your health, you just need to compete. Maybe you’re already skilled at an activity or want to try something new. In either case, you’ll feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments by broadening your horizons and challenging yourself.

Renee Marimba is a naval academy student.  In her free time, she enjoys writing about fitness, mental health, travel, and Military Education.




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